A Letter To The Class Of 2022

Hi everyone! Can you believe that we are in August already? Summer just seems to be flying right on by… or is that how it seems to me?

Anyways, now that summer is coming to an end in a couple of weeks I wanted to write a post about something that has been featured in a lot of my posts here on this blog, and that is COLLEGE.

If you’ve read my posts, then you know that I graduated last May and that I sadly won’t be returning back to college this upcoming semester. I found this old blog post that I written and decided that I should update it, as I wrote it before starting my junior year, and share it with you all, so here it is….

Hello future freshmen,

First off, I want to start this letter by saying, “Congrats! You did it!” You survived high school. You took the SAT’s. You finished your AP exams. You managed to survive your junior year of high school. You’ve walked across that stage, diploma in hand, and now you are getting ready to embark on this new journey in your life. I would like to start by telling you that no matter how you’re feeling, whether it be excited, nervous, or anxious, that it is okay.

College is like nothing you have ever faced before and something that no movie can 100 percent capture, in my opinion.

As someone who graduated, I can personally say that college is stressful but also incredibly rewarding. Coming into my freshman year, I was a little anxious but overly peppy and overjoyed to have this chance to leave my hometown and attend a college that I personally felt suited me and what I want to do with my life, which was to be a famous actor.

I applied to many colleges my senior year, and after spending money to go on a five-day senior year music department field trip to Myrtle Beach, I was blessed to have received a financial aid letter giving me enough money to be able to attend my top choice school, Juniata College, to study Theatre Performance and Communication.


Juniata Inbound
Inbound Day One. Leaving The Parents. Time To Start College!


I had visited the campus at least three times, fell in love with the theatre department, admired the beauty of the campus, loved the fact that I can create my own “major”, which is called a POE (Program of Emphasis), and have also met professors and faculty who genuinely care about me and are willing to help me but at the same time not “coddle” me.

Entering freshman year, I had hung out with friends that I had made at Orientation and Inbound, got involved in Student Alumni Association, and was also incredibly honored to have been cast in The Glass Menagerie. I was on cloud nine.

I also attended my first college party, as early as my first weekend, and I didn’t fall in love with the party scene right away. It was loud, sweaty, and there were drunk people EVERYWHERE. I ended up also trying my first sip of beer that weekend, as well. Overall, not really a rewarding experience. “Well, at least I have Netflix,” I thought to myself. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Flashback to that first Sunday night, I had my first realization on how hard college was as I was sitting on my bed surrounded by work to do: a prompt for an essay to start for my CWS class, an IA module that needed prompt submission by midnight, and about 30 or more pages to read for Intro To Human Communication. I didn’t finish the reading assignment for my communication class, and I just told myself I would double up on workload and tackle it along with the next assignment.

Lesson number #1 future freshman: don’t think like this because there is a strong possibility that you won’t actually have the chance.

The upcoming weeks just kept getting harder. Reading assignments went unread, classes were skipped, rehearsals ran from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. at least three days a week, and I was honestly just trying to make it to the weekend, where I developed special skills in beer pong and crafting the perfect pregame playlists. I even created this belief in my head that as long as I wasn’t failing, I could go out to parties on the weekend, and then eventually just going out regardless of my grades or responsibilities.

Midterms week was creeping up, and I ended up getting a C+ on my Intro To Human Communication test. I was stunned and even shocked. I knew I missed one or two things, but I was completely in shock when I saw that my grade didn’t reflect the ones of my fellow peers.

Lesson number #2: You have to abandon that high school thought that you can cram for an hour the night before and ace any test.

Coming off of a year of high school, where I was basically getting straight A’s in all of my class, I was sure that I had just been pelted by a dodgeball in gym class. I took this grade as, “Oh, I suck at Communication. Time to make it a minor instead.” I did that.

Lesson number #3: Just because you get one bad grade in a class that is your major, that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be good in that career field or that it’s not for you.

Do switch majors, however, if you fall out of love with what you’re learning or you can’t see yourself working in that field. I did eventually re-fall in love with the communication field later on in the semester and then switched my POE back to majoring in both Theatre Performance and Communication.

A little over a month in, I still wasn’t doing any better at the student part that comes with college. I was heavily procrastinating on doing my laundry, not even hanging the clean clothes up and just leaving them in the hamper. I was also pulling at least two all-nighters a week, and developing a new love for Starbucks frappuccinos to get me through the day and Smirnoff to help me “get ready” to party on the weekend.

I got taken out of The Glass Menagerie just two weeks before its opening, rightfully so for not having my lines memorized. This was extremely difficult to tell my parents, who were immensely excited to see me act in my first college production, blaming my removal on stress and omitting the part about alcohol and parties. I also stressed myself to the point where I asked one of my professors if I could have an extension on one of my essays, which was allowed, after explaining how stressed I made myself.

Lesson number #4: If you see yourself in this position, get help. Also, don’t tackle too much in your first semester of college, unless you 100 percent know that you can handle it.

My first semester ended, and my grades reflected this lackluster performance that I had put into college so far. “I will fix this,” I said to myself as I entered into the spring semester. I had a plan to do better, and it was going to happen. I had gone into the semester with a newfound inspiration to add English as a major, taking the literature route later on, so that would now make my POE: Theatre Performance, Communication, and English Literature.

My plan that I had to do better this semester was nothing short of an idea. I still went to parties, I still skipped the occasional class, and I was still in the same mindset that I had first semester of college, with grades even plummeting worse than what they were last semester, and I even failed my first class that semester.

Flash forward another semester, and I was still making mistakes. I had moved into the party dorm and became even more involved with the college party lifestyle if that was even possible. I just couldn’t bear the thought of actually staying in my dorm room, and actually missing a party. That option, to me, was unbearable. “I will find that balance of being a good student and partying,” I told myself. Nope.

Even though I was meeting people on the weekends, I let myself not enhance and further develop the friendships I already had my freshman year and lost touch with people, succumbing to just having them as acquaintances and not the friends I was having weekly movie nights with. I eventually told my parents the truth about the problems I was facing in college, moved out at the end of fall semester, decided to move into a single bedroom next semester, and went to talk to a counselor.

Eventually, I had finally dragged myself out of this problem I had developed in the past three semesters and took the time to work on myself. Long story short, it paid off. I stayed in a little more, I got involved in the school paper, wrote a solo play, and had finally solidified my major  after changing it ONLY FIVE times: Theatre & Media Writing.

I still had fun, but I have finally achieved that perfect balance of having fun whilst still being responsible. This semester paid off, as my GPA went up by half a letter grade, almost making Dean’s List.

There may have been a lot of bad, but college has come with a lot of good.

In just over four years, I have written my own senior capstone play, studied abroad, been on a trapeze, written for the school newspaper, wrote and performed my own theatre solo play, been involved with many clubs on campus, immensely improved my GPA,  learned a lot about myself, expanded my mind in ways that can’t be learned in a classroom and most importantly, made friends who have deeply impacted my life in ways that I can’t even explain.

I hope this happens to you. I hope that you have a wonderful first year of college. I hope that you make friends, who will change your life for the better. I hope that you have classes, that make you happy for your future, and/or even help make up your mind on what you truly want to do with your future.

I hope that you make mistakes, and learn from them. I hope that you have fun at that party, but remember to study hard and make good grades. I hope that despite the stress, you will reap the rewards. I hope that you survive studying for your finals. I hope your four years stay just four. I hope these years are filled with incredible experiences. I hope that you remember to take photos of it all.

Most of all, I hope that you attend a college that you fall in love with and inspires you to find and tackle your dreams.


Someone Who Was In Your Shoes Four Years Ago

College Graduation. The Last Day. What? I Have To Leave Now And Be An Adult? You Mean I Can’t Renew My Four Year Membership? 

So are any of you reading this post apart of the class of 2022? If so, what college are you attending and what are you studying? Are you excited? Nervous? Anxious? Let me know in the comments or feel free to reach out to me at lewisboob621@gmail.com with any concerns you may have!



Is it really the end of July already? I can honestly say that this month went really fast.

Ever since creating this blog, I have been experimenting a lot with what I want to do with it and what I want to get out of it. This has included topics, such as travel, my study abroad semester, my senior year of college, album reviews, and in my last post, my first  mens fashion post on summer attire and music.

For this post, I have also decided to do something else new… and that will be… to make a monthly “summary and goals” series.

“If a person has a big enough why, they can do anything.” -Marc Von Musser

What has happened in July?

I got a JOB! After what seemed like many rejection emails and failed interviews later, I had got a call offering me a position as a customer care representative at iQor, in which I will be working to resolve people’s cable issues. I start this upcoming Monday and honestly… I’m excited… and a little nervous/anxious. I had my interview last Wednesday, in which I got to tour the building and sit in on a call, and it was lovely. The building is really big, and it even has it’s own gym, game/library/relaxation type of room, and kitchen, which is quite promising to see. I can’t wait to see what happens!

I had also spent a insanely amount of time actually getting to relax and watch movies and shows this month. Popular favorites included: Sky High, Scooby Doo: The Mystery Begins, The Princess Diaries and of course Mamma Mia. I still need to watch the new one though. I am also almost finished with the newest season of Orange is the New Black, as well as Netflix originals: Kiss Me First and The Rain, among trying to multitask rewatching Pretty Little Liars, The Office, and 90210. 

In terms of music, I have been bopping along In My Feelings to Drake’s newest album Scorpion. Other popular favorite songs, for me, this month included:

God Is A Women by Ariana Grande
6 Minutes by The Jonas Brothers
Take My Hand by Charli XCX
-Obsessed by Mariah Carey

Check out my Spotify playlist for July here!

In terms of this blog, I have been working hard to promote it: linking it in twitter blogger threads, following other bloggers, and subscribing to their blogs. I hope to even do this more in the following month. I had also changed the overall layout of it by learning how to add things to my sidebar, such as archive tabs and following buttons, which I really like how it looks, in addition to adding a sense of professionalism to this blog.

What Are My Goals For August? 

1. Blog at least ONCE a week. I haven’t blog much this past month, and that was honestly due to me being in an emotional slump.
2.  Read TWO books next month. Does anyone else buy books with the intention of reading them, but just setting them on your bookshelf and forgetting about them? I honestly thought that since graduating that I would read for fun more, but I haven’t read anything yet. I definitely want to start changing that.
3. Devote THIRTY MINUTES a day towards memorizing monologues, reading plays, or writing and creating work. As someone who wants to be a professional actor someday, I haven’t done ANY of this since graduation and quite frankly, I’m disgusted in myself.
4. Exercise THREE times a week for THIRTY MINUTES. I haven’t been exercising that much, probably only a couple times in the past three months, since I have been going to the doctor’s office for appointments, regarding my sciatic nerve pain and herniated disk. I had to reschedule my last appointment to the end of this month, so I basically have been doing daily stretches, but I am starting to feel a lot better after light workouts.
5. Drink WATER and not SODA. I honestly haven’t had the healthiest options for food, since returning home, but I need to continue eating healthy and putting only the best foods into my body. Think of it this way, “If you think about your body as your dream car, why would you purposely put the wrong gas in it and think that it will start?” (or something like that…I completely forgot the quote, but lol I hope you know what I’m trying to say.)
6. Go to bed by 12:30am. I say I’m going to this, and then I wake up in bed with my phone perched by my face at 11pm, because I fell asleep at 2am, completely ruining my day. I am going to redirect my brain to think of the positives towards waking up early and hopefully do that, even though I’m not a morning person.

That’s all for now! So, what did you accomplish this past month? What are you goals for August? Let me know in the comments!

My Summer Style And Soundtrack

So let me start out my first fashion post of this blog by saying that despite the constant rain that keeps pouring outside of my window this past week, it is in fact summer time. And do you know what that means?

That means it is time to put our bulky hoodies, comfy sweaters, and heavy winter coats into the back of our closets and exchange them for our tank tops, shorts, and our sweetest pair of shades. Now let me give you a look into some outfits that I having been wearing this summer, how you can also rock these looks, and provide you the links to these outfits as well.


Street Style: Look One

My first style trend- a classic summer piece of my wardrobe that I love is silky basketball shorts. They just have an overall look that is cool to wear and are practical to wear underneath the hot summer sun.

Now I know this look might look basic on it’s own, but to elevate my summer style I have coupled it with a slick red bomber jacket and also added some accessories including gold chains, a gold watch, and a gold bracelet.

[Disclaimer: I bought the jacket and shoes from Bershka, but since they are no longer available I have attached links to other products to match a similar look. I also don’t know where I purchased my gold chains, bracelet, and watch, so I posted similar links to products that are similar to them as well.]

Shop This Look

Red Bomber Jacket|Mens Red/White Tanktop|Red Basketball Shorts|Sky Polarized Sunglasses |Gold Chains|Gold Watch|NIKE AIR FORCE 1 ’07|




The second summer style trend that I have been starting to experiment with is pink shorts. The common thought that is often associated with pink shorts is that they have to be worn with a button-up shirt and a blazer to achieve a preppy look for a day’s worth of activities that often include sailing around the harbor and playing golf at the city’s resident country club.

I decided to go beyond this stereotype of the preppy pink shorts look and match them with another summer style trend that I’ve seen recently- extreme racer tank tops. I bought this tank top from ASOS and I honestly have grown to like it. While I admit, it does feel a little baggier than I expected, when I put it on, it is a lot more comfortable and actually quite cooler when the weather is really hot out.


Shop This Look

ASOS DESIGN tank with extreme racer back in black|Coral Plain Chino Shorts




I just want to stay that I hope you don’t actually tan pink, because that would mean that there is something severely wrong with you and you might want to get that checked out by a doctor immediately, unless you’re an alien then you might not want to let anyone else know about your special talent.

All jokes aside, my last summer style trend is to mix the colors of tan and pink together. I bought the tank top at Boohoo and the jean shorts at Kohl’s. What I really like about this look is the contrast of the colors together as well at the fit of the tank top, making it look like my muscles are more defined then what they really are thus making it one of my most favorite things that I’ve ever worn in the summer. I also accessorized my outfit with a pair of gold-framed aviator style sunglasses, that I got on the Wish app for only $3.


Shop This Look

Coral Basic Vest|Arizona Jeans Khaki Casual Shorts|Gold Sunglasses


And now that I’ve shared some of my personal trends for the summer, I would also like to share a list of songs, both throwback, current, and some undiscovered gems that you should be having on your radar for your summer time playlists. This playlist has music from every single genre of music out there, as well as some songs that aren’t well known yet, so enjoy.

Click here to access my extensive Spotify summertime playlist that’ll continue to grow and expand as time progresses!

Whether or not you are just laying by the pool, driving down a country backroad, or partying in the club until 4am, this collection of songs is perfect for you.

For when you just want to relax by the pool, “Alexa, play…”
La Da Dee by Cody Simpson
One Way Ticket by Carrie Underwood
The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars
Sangria Wine by Pharrell Williams and Camilla Cabello

Better Together by Jack Johnson

For when you are driving down the road with the windows down, “Alexa, play…”
Good Directions by Billy Currington
Hot In Herre by Nelly
Shades On by The Vamps
Lush Life by Zara Larsson
Summer Nights by “Grease” soundtrack

For when you want to go out and party like a rockstar, “Alexa, play…”

Break The Rules by Charli XCX
I Like It by Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin
Wild Thoughts by DJ Khalid, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller
Stir Fry by Migos
Look Alive by Drake and BlocBoy JB

For when you need to find a new summer song that no one else is listening too, “Alexa, play…”
Peach Jam by 88rising, Joji, and BlocBoy JB
Barcelona by Max George
Beach Break by Julietta
Forever Stuck In Our Youth by Set It Off
Rockabye by Clean Bandit, Sean Paul, and Anne-Marie

I just want to thank you so much for reading this post! Hope you enjoyed it! So what did you think? Is there any other mens fashion trends for this summer that I should be aware of or is there any other songs that I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

Big Brother 20: The Cast Reveal And My First Thoughts

“Expect the unexpected,” Julie Chen says every summer to the cast of Big Brother, as they are thrown together into a house where they have to compete for a cash price of $500,000.

For anyone that knows me, and now all of you who don’t really know me all that well, should know that every summer I am hooked to this show, often live-tweeting along my reactions to every little moment that happens.

Before the game airs on TV, we are given a first look of the cast and pre-show interviews to help us determine who our favorite houseguests will be in the house before being disappointed and thus changing our minds week two (or hour one) of the game. In true Big Brother fandom spirit, for this post, I will be analyzing the cast based on what they look like and their pre-show interview.

What Was Your Impression Of The Cast As A Whole?

I’m interested but not invested but at the same time totally invested.  Also can we talk about the similarity of these names? Haleigh and Bayleigh, JC & Kaycee, and Angie & Angela? I literally see someone in the house slipping up and taking s*** on the wrong person, and that is all going to come back around on them and get the person evicted. I’m low key here for it and low key will be confused trying to keep up.

Also, the cast isn’t really diverse. A lot of them look they could be former houseguests in disguise or the off-spring “love child” of a combo of them. This is a huge problem that we see a lot with reality television nowadays, if not most media we view and read and see online. It caters towards to having to fit into a stereotype or look, and from there not much gets done to change away from it.

Okay. We get it. Can you talk about the cast members individually now? 

Yes. Um… Let’s talk about our first contestant competing for the first $500,000 this summer.

Bayleigh Dayton.

“Boys. I don’t know how to handle them. I don’t know who they even are.” -Bayleigh Dayton

She is a 25 year old flight attendant, a certified yoga instructor, the first ever African-American Missouri, and I honestly can’t help but to not agree with Twitter and be a Bayleigh stan. Watching her interview, I can tell right away that she is very self-aware of who she is and she seems like she will be someone who won’t just float their way to the end. I feel like she will be also be pretty strong in competitions, a great strategist, bring great diary room confessionals, and I see her going far in this game.

I also read somewhere on YouTube that she reminds a person of both Janelle from BGC 11 & Hottie from Flavor of Love, and I honestly couldn’t agree more.

I just don’t want her to be “tried” by someone and end up getting evicted for going off at them. I also don’t really see her going undercover in the game at all. Please don’t leave early Bayleigh. I’m rooting for you.

Rachel Swindler.

“I’d rather lose and have America love me…Is that the wrong answer?” -Rachel Swindler

Okay? Well for starters, she is a super fan so it is safe to say that she has done all of her research before entering the house. She is also a Las Vegas entertainer, who wants to play a great mix of a social and physical game in the house.

I honestly don’t know about her. I see her as someone who looks like a mix of Jessica Graf (BB19), Rachel Reilly (BB12 and BB13), and Natalie Negrotti (BB18), so maybe she has the best attributes from all three of them? I also feel like she might form an alliance with another female houseguest and struggle between a final two deal deal with them and a strong male houseguest as well? (Angela and Faysal) I also read somewhere that she had also dated Hayden (BB12) and is also best friends with Jackie (BB17).

I also feel like a lot of things that she said in her interviews doesn’t seem genuine, despite her wanting to connect and have a personal relationship with everyone. I just don’t see her trying to bond with everyone. I do think she will go past jury, however, because she is funny, and outgoing, and will form some alliance keeping her farther.

She could be a surprise favorite, but I think she will let a showmance and her emotions get the better of her, but it could honestly go either way?

Sam Bledsoe.

“I cannot stand a person who is a bully.” -Sam Bledsoe.

I wrote down that she is the sweet, southern, authentic, relatable queen that I love and automatically am a stan of. Like how can you not love her when you hear her speak? I love the story behind her ruthless tattoo and the way she handled the scenarios that Ika Wong threw at her. PROTECT HER AT COSTS GRODNER!

She very much reminds of me Donny and I hope that the people in season twenty also take her farther in the game. Do I think she will be ruthless and confrontal and willing to get blood on her hands to win this game? Do I think she will be used as a pawn a lot? I think that we will just have to wait and see, but if anything I automatically am predicting her to win America’s Favorite Houseguest at the end of the summer even if she is one of the first five people evicted.

Haleigh Broucher. 

The very first thing that I wrote down is that this will be the first time I ever will be watching someone YOUNGER than me playing Big Brother. She is a 21 year old Psychology and Sociology major, attending Texas A&M, who wants to play a very similar game to Derrick from BB16.

Okay… I have two things to say. One: I am fully convinced that Big Brother and Texas A&M have a contract to cast someone who went there on this show, so I basically should’ve went there. Second: I really don’t know I how feel when people say that they want to play a similar game like a former houseguest.

I also wrote down that BB19 Raven thought she was slick with changing her hair and getting plastic surgery, because Haleigh looks dead on like her and BB15 Aaryn and well… they both really aren’t the best people to be compared to. I mean I could really do without an exposed party hashtag on Twitter this summer and America doesn’t need anymore racist comments as well. Haliegh also said this to Ross, “I need to pay attention to thinking before I speak.”

In terms of showmances, she isn’t trying to want one but I see her and Winston being similar to Raven and Matt, but we’ll see?

Angela Rummans.

“#Didn’tSeeItComing” -Angela Rummans

I think that will be the best way to view her. Underrated! Going off of first impressions, I see her as a strong competition beast, as she said multiple times that she was a professional pole-vaulter, who will also have a great social and mental game.

She also says that her strategy is to lay low for the first couple of weeks, whether I think she will is a solid unsure, and then she will come out strong. At first, I saw her as the type of girl on this show that will be the “mean girl,” because she said that girls are easily threatened by her and that it is easier for her to be in a guys alliance, but I think that won’t be her.

In terms of showmances she said, “I’m not wiling to put my game in another guys hands and jeopardize my game because of their decisions.” I like that. Here’s hoping she sticks with that mindset.

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry.

“After I started watching this show, I called her [her mom] and was like, ‘What part of this shady show did you think that I would be perfect for?'” -Angie “Rockstar” Lantry

When I first saw the cast photos for this season, I honestly was like, “Why is BB18 Bronte’s mom on this show?,” and then I was like, “Okay. This woman has a big personality that will get on someone’s nerves in week one and get her evicted.”

Then something happened. I watched her interview with Ika and I’ve grown to like her. She is funny, authentic, real, weird, interesting, and I didn’t know and didn’t think I would like her, but y’all I’m giving her a chance. Do I think she will be good at the competitions? I think she’ll win a veto and maybe a mental HOH competition, but that’s about it.

I want her to go far, but I don’t think she’ll make it to jury. I’m sorry Angie. Still rooting for you girl.

Kaycee Clark.

“I’m open to anything except making out with a guy.” -Kaycee Clark

I like that she is confident, authentic, and she said that she will not hide who she is in the house, so this means that we will basically see her win a lot of HOH’s and save herself the following week with POV wins. BB Janelle, you should be worried about your record girl.

With that being said, I feel like she won’t be able to blend in with everyone like she wants too and will instead be closer to the guys than the girls, but I feel that way about a majority of the girls so it is unclear what’s going to happen. I honestly don’t think there will be a huge girls alliance or even an attempt at one, maybe two-three person at most?

Anyways, I feel like Kaycee will go far and I feel bad saying this: I’m not a hardcore stan but I respect her and will root for her. I can honestly say that everyone will struggle to evict to her, because she will be competition beast of the season that everyone will have wanted to vote out early on but can’t because she keeps saving herself.

Kaitlyn Herman.

“I’ve manifested winning for months, years even… I don’t want to sage people. I don’t want people to think I’m going all witch crafty all up in here.” -Kaitlyn Herman

GIRL SAME! I really want to like this girl, and I do, but she is way too mellow and zen to be in this show. I low key want to see her in a position of power, because I think she will have a mental breakdown trying to nominate people.

She said that her strengths will be her mental and social game. I think her closest friends will be Angie, Tyler, and Sam, and I hope that she is mentally way more smarter than the hippie persona she is emulated in her interviews.

As for showmances, she has a boyfriend so she won’t align with the guys that way and as for the house as a whole she will be kept far as a number that they can manipulate.

She really seems like she will float/coast her way to maybe final ten?

JC Monduix. 

“I’m not trying to be naked on camera” -JC Monduix

But we’ve always saw you naked?? Also, a new drinking game for the summer is to take a shot every time he says the word “like.” Okay. I also didn’t really like that he seemed so controlling in his interview with Ika. I don’t know.

On the positive side, I think he will be the friendly, sociable, positive guy who will bring a lot of energy and fun to the feeds, so that might bring him some alliance. I think his social game will be on point, his physical game will be okay at best, and the mental competitions might not be his strong suit.

Overall, I want to like him but I think he will either be one of the first three to leave or stay to maybe top seven?

Tyler Crispen.

“I’m going to say super fan. I know that’s a big word, but I’ve been watching Big Brother since season ten.” -Tyler Crispen

He is the super chill, young surfer guy who will inevitably float on through this competition and be the swing vote every week. I also think that he will be pretty good at physical competitions but will ultimately have his downfall with the mental competitions.

He said that he won’t get along with the super controlling masculine personality types of the house, so I kind of see him not getting along with Chris already. I think that he will bond with the more “chill” houseguests like Kaitlyn and form an alliance with her, or he should anyway. I think he could go far, but only as long as he stays under the radar because I think he will be the perfect person to float their way to the end. I was also surprised by how much knowledge he has on previous seasons, so maybe he could be an underrated strategist in the game as well?

I kind of like him and want him to go far, but at the same time I think he will be one of the first five people evicted.

Faysal Shafaat.

“I’m not opposed to a showmance, but at the end of the day the $500,000 comes first.” -Faysal Shafaat

He will definitely be the stronger physical male in the house by far. He also said that he wants to have a bromance alliance with another physically strong guy, so he will most likely want to work with Brett, and I also think he might have a showmance… I’m not sure?

I don’t think that he will go under the radar at all and that he will automatically be viewed as a threat from night one. Like Kaycee, I do think that he will save himself a lot with HOH and Veto wins, keeping him past jury into maybe the top four or five. We will see.

Scottie Salton.

“I’m loaded with weaknesses.” -Scottie Salton

I was at first loaded with a lot of dislike towards Scottie. I thought he would be like BB15 Andy, who I personally wasn’t a fan of on his season, but then again that season was a personal trainwreck for me in general.

I think he will kill the mental competitions, have a fairly okay social game, and lost physical competitions right away. Will this allow him to stay further or not, because he won’t be viewed as a threat at all? I don’t know. Also, I like that he is honest and open to criticism, and that he won’t be crying in the diary room at all this summer. In addition to this, I really admire his determination and confidence in himself, but he is loaded with weakness.

For starters, I can’t see him having a long lasting alliance with anyone. I also see him being one of the pawns of the house. I want him to do great but I think he could be one of the first three evicted.

Steve Arienta. 

“You have to know how to sit back, read your environment, analyze people, and you don’t want to push away a potential alliance.” -Steve Arienta

I think he is very self-aware of his physical weakness, but very much like BB14 Ian and BB16 Derrick he has the life experience to be an excellent strategist and will definitely do amazing in the mental competitions. I think he also open to people and will do really great, but I see that people might figure out that he will lie about his job right away and use that as an excuse to vote him out.

Winston Hines.

“I don’t want to come here for Twitter followers. I want to play the game I fell in love with.” -Winston Hines

Going off of looks, I see as BB19 Matt with him having a showmance with Haleigh, who looks like BB19 Raven; however, I see the two of them as a better version of Matt and Raven. I genuinely don’t want Winston to end up like Matt for the sole reason that he seems like a strategist, a smart guy, and a not so stereotypical jock. He also seems very charming and win over the house with laughter. Also, this guy seems so chill that it will make people question why he should go on the block.

I really like him and want to root for him. I think he will make it to final three, because no one will want to keep him to final two because they know he will win. I really do believe that. Good luck Winston.

Brett Robinson.

“Can I come in second place and love America and then come back next season and win?” -Brett Robinson

Um. No. You should consider the season your one and only opportunity to win and have that mentality with you. He also thinks he’s a trophy? Um okay. He also has no filter, so insert shocked emoji face here. The last nail in the coffin for me is that he gives off baseball player douchebag vibes, but he seems like a nice guy.

On the bright side, I also think he will shock the other guest in the fact that he is smarter than what may seem. Like he is a CYBER SECURITY ENGINEER like whoa I really wasn’t expecting that. I also think he will do an incredible job at talking himself out of situations and will flirt his way and compete his way past jury into final five. Maybe seven in the worst case scenario? I think he won’t get along or even mesh well with the contestants that might be considered the “outcasts” of the house and that will be his downfall if they are in a position of power.

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams.

“Don’t call me by my real name. Call me “Swaggy C.” If America loves me, then they can bring me back for another season or show.” -Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

I think this guy will talk himself into the block. I really do. He also likes BB18/BB19 Paul, BB8 Evil Dick, and BB17 Vanessa. I think he will be the one to start drama week one and that he will infuriate people like Sam and Angie.

He just doesn’t seem like he will always be the strongest in competitions or the smartest for the mental competitions. He just seems cocky. Also, STOP talking about your brand 24/7 like isn’t there more to you than that? Also, I read somewhere that he only talks about himself in the first person. He’ll bring drama and entertainment, but I’m rooting him out pre-jury first three.

So How Would You Rank Them? Who Is Your Top Five? Who Do You Think Will Get In An Alliance/Showmance? Who Will Be The Enemies? What Else Do You Think Will And Will Not Happen On This Season Of BB20? 

Okay here is my official BB20 Pre-Show Ranking:
1. Kaycee
2. Sam
3. Winston
4. Faysal
5. Hayleigh
6. Bayleigh
8. Brett
9. Angela
10. Rachel
10. Angie
11. Kaitlyn
12. JC
13. Scottie
14. Tyler
15. Steve
16. Chris “Swaggy C”

My Top Five: Sam, Angela, Winston, Haleigh, and Kaycee

My Dream Alliances:
– Angie/Kaitlyn/Sam/Tyler
– Kaitlyn/Tyler
– Angie/+showmance (I think I read somewhere that she wanted to partner up with a girl in a showmance and then get rid of the guy in it)
– Angela/Rachel
– Sam/Winston
– Sam/Hayleigh (+Winston)
– Bayleigh/Hayleigh
– Angela/ +bro alliance (Brett & Faysal)+ maybe Winston as well

My Dream Showmances:
– Haleigh/Winston
– Rachel/Faysal
– Haleigh/Tyler

My Thoughts For Possible Enemies:
– Angie vs. Rachel
– Kaitlyn vs. Rachel/Angela
– Bayleigh vs. Rachel/Angela
– Bayleigh vs. Hayleigh
– Bayleigh vs. JC
– Everyone vs. Chris “Swaggy C” (week one or two argument)

What Else Do I Think Will And Will Not Happen This Season On BB20?

I do think…
-there will be at least two showmances
-two to four people will win all the comps and a lot of people will float by to the end
-there will be a guys alliance but their showmances won’t know about it and will be considered as extra votes (final six maybe?)
-girls hating on other girls
-someone will talk too much
-someone will flip out and self-eviction will happen
-someone will cry in the diary room
-someone will throw a competition thinking that they are safe
-someone will have a confrontation in regards to the number of beds in the house and or house cleanliness in general
-“outcasts” vs “athletes/populars” cliques might form
-the twist of the summer will have two houseguests eliminated on night one
-four houseguests will be brought back to have BB20 have twenty people, making it the largest number of people in a season

I don’t think…
-there will be a huge girls alliance or any talk of it at all in episode one
-there will be any major fights
-Paul will be back for a third time

And that is my examination on the houseguests so far based upon the cast photo and first interviews! Check out the #BB20 two-night premiere event 6/27 from 8-10pm ET/PT and 6/28 9-10 ET/PT, hosted by Julie Chen and always make to sure to expect the unexpected!

Flying Like An Eagle Into Post-Graduate Life

I would like to start out this post by saying…

I am a college graduate! (for about a month now, but still)

I got my diploma in Theatre and Media Writing, on May 19th, officially declaring me as an adult with an expensive piece of laminated paper saying that I am specifically qualified to do certain things in particular fields of work. It also means that I am I think that’s how graduating works? If you know for sure, please let me know.

So, as I said before I am now educated, excited, and extremely anxious for what life is about to throw at me now.

What Was Graduation Like?

It was a whirlwind of emotions: happy to be done with the work, sad to be leaving behind all of my friends, nervous to muster the courage to accept that this was actually happening, anxious walking up on stage to pick up my diploma and not fall in front of my graduating class, but most of all excited that I made it here after four strenuous years that were nothing but easy.

I woke up around 7am that day, took a shower, and got dressed, donning my cap and gown. As we were now having graduation in the gym, due to a strong chance for rain, I met up beforehand with my parents to give them their tickets and then headed off to go to my place in line.

Talking to some of my other friends, from various countries, I was surprised to learn that many countries actually don’t hold an official ceremony for graduation, instead mailing you your diploma. So, I would like to share with you how a typical college/university conducts a graduation ceremony.


For starters, we typically have them outside, but due to the rain we had it inside of our school’s gymnasium building. They are also THREE HOURS long. As for us graduates, we are separated into lines in pairs of two, based upon what kind of degree we will be earning (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Sciences, and in my school’s case Masters of Accounting), and in alphabetical order of our last names.

We are then shepherded down the stairs and loop back around a path into the gymnasium where we take our seats. Then this followed by a couple of speeches by students, our class president, faculty members, and then a much longer speech by a guest speaker. We concluded by singing our class song, and then get ready to stand up and get our degree. Master students go first, followed by Bachelor of Arts, and then concluding with Bachelor of Science graduates.

Being as my last name begins with a “B,” I was actually one of the first people in my class to get my Bachelor of Arts degree. I stood along the side, waiting to hear my name said, and with that it all just felt real. “Lewis Wayne Boob Jr.,” was spoken and with that I took a deep breath, felt some tears of pride start to form, and walked on stage to receive my degree and go back to my seat.


After we finished everyone’s names, we departed the gym to be greeted by a long line of all the professors congratulating us on our stellar accomplishment before meeting up with our parents and friends to take photos throughout the campus. You get extra points if you can find a place to take a photo on campus, where you won’t have someone else in the background. Finishing up with taking photos, I brought down all of my stuff to the car and we headed home.

What Are You Doing Now? 

Well… I’m jobless and living at home with my parents. So that’s “fun.”  Ever since I got home, I have been applying for jobs, laying outside on my patio deck, sleeping in late, and watching Netflix.

It is honestly pretty boring and depressing, to be honest. I haven’t left the house much these days and I don’t really have any friends from high school that I can reconnect with and hang out with. On the bright side, this means that I have been sober for a month which is something that my liver has been thanking me a lot for since almost destroying it in the chaotic mess that was Senior Week.


I’ve also had two doctors appointments in the past month as well. Okay… I had first started noticing pain in my hip, almost three months ago, after an intense workout in the gym. It wasn’t anything too intense, as the pain went away after a quick shower, so I just kept working out and a week later noticing that it physically hurt to lift my legs to put on a pair of pants. After countless medications, various stretching exercises, heating pads, and a injection in the butt later, I have been diagnosed with a strained sciatic nerve muscle and a herniated disk. So, this means I have to come back next month for a follow up appointment with the doctor to check whether or not I am going to need an MRI done or not.

So that is what has been happening with me since graduation so far!

Until next time,





Major Occurrence + Pig Roast + Senior Week = How Did My Liver Survive All This Day Drinking?

To quote the under appreciated and underrated rapper Lil Jon: “If you’re not taking shots, get the f*** out the club.”

For this post, I will be talking about three of my college’s biggest events to help celebrate the favorite past time of most college/university students everywhere: day drinking.

Major Occurrence? What is this and what is so ‘major’ about it?

This is a pretty new thing that we have here at Juniata, as this year’s Major Occurrence was the THIRD annual event to be hosted ever.

The event, which is only for students 21+ years old, is where we go to five various student houses close to campus and just day drink and hangout. You also have to pay $20, but in return you get a cool t-shirt, a drinking cup, and unlimited access to beer so it is safe to say that it is all worth it if you ask me.

Waking up at 8am, I was beyond thrilled to start my day as I took a shower, took a couple shots of peach Ciroc, and departed in hot pursuit of the first house.

I got there and automatically got in the incredibly long line waiting for beer, where I bumped into my friend and JC alum, Valerie. It was then that after talking to her, and then meeting her friend Grace, we all set off across the street for house two.

When we got there, our hidden sixth sense must’ve came out as we found the cooler that we were told had Jungle Juice in it. If you don’t know what jungle juice is, here is a quick description:

“Most jungle juice mixtures contain huge quantities of hard alcohol mixed with arbitrary juices. For example, jungle juice may contain rum, gin, tequila, vodka, and whiskey mixed with orange, grapefruit, pineapple, or other juices for flavor and to stretch the quantity of alcohol.”


Much to our dismay, we had discovered that this house had already ran out. Valerie and Grace set off to go play beer pong, and I set off inside the shed in the backyard to go to talk to other friends and refill my cup (and maybe do an additional keg stand). It then started to rain, which absolutely sucked, but being true college students we didn’t give up in our day drinking mission and the rain completely cleared up within the next five minutes.

It was about 2pm, when I was completely trashed and at house number three. I had set off for my first bathroom break of the day, and also found a place to charge my phone. Like clockwork, I had done my third keg stand of the day, this time with a very successful TWENTY TWO SECONDS as opposed to the other two houses. I rejoiced in my victory by finding a hula hoop and drunkly spinning my hips around. DISCLAIMER: I am absolutely horrible at hula hooping so this was a very funny sight to see.


Skipping house four, a group of us set off on the trek for house number five which was located at the top of a hill five minutes away.  When we arrived, we completely filled our cups and just continued drinking. How I survived today without throwing up is honestly a mystery that still to this day Sherlock Holmes or the Scooby Doo gang couldn’t solve? I then glanced down at my phone and noticed that the battery was dangerously low, so I went inside to go to the bathroom and then sat down at the dining room table to charge my phone for a few. With my phone mostly charged and the time approaching the end of Major Occurrence, I set back on my journey to campus and by journey I mean five walk up a hill.

I had set off to my room where I properly drank some water, eat some food, and went to bed. Around 9pm, I had resurrected from the dead STILL DRUNK to play drag queen bingo on campus.


I had met up with friend Joanna and sat with her and her friends at a table in the back. It was a very fun time, as we watched the drag queens work their magic, provide us with tons of laughs and sexual bingo references, and I was even given a lap dance so… that was “fun?”

I didn’t win bingo that night and I also lost a pair of sunglasses, but overall I had a great day and met and took a photo with some drag queens so what more could you ask for?


Pig Roast. So what’s that?

Kegs everywhere. Drunk college students before 10am. Everyone gets bad sunburns. No pigs ‘typically’ get harmed in the celebration of this event.

Pig Roast is an event, that is not actually sponsored by my college but is permitted and hosted by my school’s rugby teams, where we all go off campus to this place that is thirty minutes away and just day drink.

There is also various drinking games as well, such as beer pong and flip cup. It is typically traditional to go all four years of your college experience, but I had only been once before due to a class freshman year and studying abroad last year. So… I was thrilled and overjoyed to actually get to celebrate Pig Roast this year.

I had paid for my ticket a week in advance and also split the cost of a keg with my friends Theresa, Caroline, Alex, and Amily.

The night before the event, terror struck as I was sitting in my room, after helping to host an event with Juniata Student Theatre Ensemble, and I noticed that I didn’t have my phone charger with me. I set back towards the theatre, but realized that it was locked so I just abandoned all hope of having a charged phone, set an alarm on my computer, and went to bed.

I woke up early the next day, took a shower, and went back to theatre to find that it was still locked. I met up with Theresa that morning, to charge my phone, but we had to leave not to long after to go pick up ice for the cooler and our keg, so I don’t really have too many photos from my last Pig Roast, but I was a hot mess so it was probably for the best.

After paying the man at the beer distributor, we were off towards Seven Points Marina, the land of kegs and fellow drunk peers.

IMG_7760About five hours and many keg stands later, I was feeling properly wasted as I set off to the theatre in hot pursuit of my phone charger in the movement studio. Seeing as it was still locked, I set off towards my friend Megan’s room after asking her if I can borrow a spare phone charger. Successful in my quest, I returned to the theatre, falling asleep upstairs in the lobby and waking up hours later STILL DRUNK. Much like the walk of shame, I hung my head down low and headed back to my room where I had returned to the keg standing in a cooler by the foot of my bed. “How did that get there?” I said out loud before I remembered that I gave everyone permission to put it in my room.

Being that it was a Saturday night, I just kept the tradition going as I continued drinking, grabbed a jacket, and then set off on hot pursuit for the bar, knowing that other alumni and friends were going to be there and that there typically aren’t parties, at night, on campus post Pig Roast. I had a lot of fun, sang an excessive amount of karaoke, drank some more, and talked to some friends before I left to get Sheetz and go home to my bed.

Senior Week [May 11th to May 18th]

This is the week after final exams are done, where everyone goes home and the senior class stays on campus to celebrate graduating, by getting drunk and causing havoc. Just kidding, there are also events as well that were hosted that was non-alcoholic as well.

On Saturday night, I wasn’t really feeling up for a party mood, mainly because I went to the bar on Wednesday and spent the majority of that day typing my final paper, so I instead went to the Clifton 5, which is Huntingdon’s local movie theatre, with my friend Theresa as tickets were only $1 that night. Seeing as Theresa and I aren’t really fans of horror movies, we both decided to see the movie Life of The Party starring Mellisa McCarthy. It was absolutely hilarious and we both gave it an overall A-/B+ rating.

For those of you who want haven’t seen it yet and are looking for a film to watch with your friends or family on your next night in, you totally should and here is a quick description of the movie and its trailer:

“When her husband suddenly dumps her, longtime and dedicated housewife Deanna turns regret into reset by going back to college. Unfortunately, Deanna winds up at the same school as her less-than-thrilled daughter. Plunging headlong into the campus experience, the outspoken new student soon begins a journey of self-discovery while fully embracing all of the fun, freedom and frat boys that she can handle.” -Wikipedia

The next day of Senior Week was the booze cruise, and that is where the cover photo of this post was taken of me trying to imitate a modern day scene of the Titanic or as I like to caption the picture, “Titanic but on a pontoon boat with wine.”

I sadly didn’t get to go with Theresa, as she had scheduled the tour after mine so that she could have more time to work on one of her final papers, so I went by myself. I met up with this guy I knew, Anthony, sat together, and just talked the whole time on the bus until we got there.

When we got on the boat, I sat at a table with Anthony and my friends Lydia, Catherine, Sarah, and Sirah. It was a pleasant ride as the boat set off and went around the lake for an hour and thirty minutes long. Originally thinking that we were going to have a set limit on the amount of drinks we could have, I was pleasantly surprised by our boat bartenders who kept refilling my cup with wine and handing me cans of beer whenever I wanted. I had ended the cruise drinking a solid EIGHT cups of wine and one beer, commencing day two of Senior Week.


The following day, we had a fancy winery tour and taste testing day. Being as I had drank so much wine on the booze cruise and that I had gotten moved to the earlier group, I decided against it to work on my final and last paper that was due Tuesday at 5pm. For my final paper, that I was writing for my Media Analysis class, I had decided to write a final paper on Dua Lipa’s song “New Rules” utilizing the Feminist Critique.

I had listened to this song over 80+ times, done heavy background research on Lipa, and analyzed the lyrics line by line, but as a Senior at this point of the year was lacking the motivation to type it. I was eight pages in to it and I had given myself a mission to double it, as most examples we were provided to look at had a range of 15-22 pages in total. I had spent a couple hours typing it and had managed to get to page twelve, before I gave up for the day substituting it with a “well deserved” Netflix binge-watch of this new show I am recently hooked on called The Rain.

Approaching dinnertime, I had went to eat with Theresa and then later heading back to her room to watch a movie (I think it was Camp Rock but I’m not sure at the moment). We finished watching it and then headed to the second Senior Week event of the day, around 9pm, which was a quaint little Bonfire and S’mores night. It was very chill and I had a very big sweet tooth, as I inhaled copious amounts of marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate.

Tuesday was pretty boring, as the only event hosted later that day was a Baseball game, and I wanted to save my money for Wednesday’s bar crawl so I instead spent the day finishing and turning in my final paper, coming up with my idea for how I wanted to decorate my cap and then searching for pictures.

Wednesday was probably the most fun day of the week, as the event was an all-day bar crawl. I met up with Theresa around 1pm, and we set off into town in hot pursuit of our first of five bars: Ferguson’s. We had both made a promise that we were both going to have at least one drink or shot at each place, which we did.

Ferguson’s was the first stop on our day long drinking quest, and being that neither of us have ever been there before we had to admittedly stop and ask for directions. We eventually found it and both ordered a glass of beer to celebrate. Since Theresa is a much slower drinker than me and gets drunk a LOT faster, I had to keep her company a lot and make sure she gets home safely which as someone who is typically not the “mom friend,” I’d like to say I had done a pretty successful job of it.


Boxers was our second location and arguably one of the more “popular” locations for bars in Huntingdon. I’d agree with that statement! Walking underneath the green sign decorated with a brown Boxer dog, we opened the door to find it flooded with fellow college peers adorned in a sea of red Bar Crawl t-shirts. That was probably the only other downside of this day. The bars got pretty crowded. Theresa and I were able to manage our way through and asserted ourselves towards the bartender, where we both got one of the cheapest drinks on the menu for $3.

We both finished our drink and set off towards the third bar: The Friendly Taverns. As we set off, I found an hidden alleyway by Boxers and pretty much had Theresa be my photographer, because after all is it really a bar crawl if you didn’t have a photoshoot in the alleyway? The Friendly Taverns was probably my least favorite of the bars, as it reeked of cigarette smoke that clouded our faces the second we walked in. We walked in and sat with our friends Jessilyn, Megan, and Kat, and then got our drinks. I ended up getting a vodka cranberry drink, which was really good, and then we all ended up buying jello shots from this woman who just walking around the bar asking each person if they wanted one. My favorite out of the shots that I had was definitely the orange creamsicle flavored one. We then left the bar soon after to get our free slices of pizza at the restaurant All American Pizza.

Since Theresa can’t have gluten, I ate my slices and then walked her back to the Dominos near campus to get her food. It was quite interesting as Theresa was completely drunk and I was actually the relatively sober friend by comparison. We then took a quick stop at Dollar Store, because she begged me if we could go and I also needed to go to the bathroom. It was hysterical as she skipped across the parking lot flowing gracefully, as one can only attempt to do as they’ve had one too many drinks, entering the door like a fairy. I quickly went to the bathroom and then found Theresa by the coloring book aisle. She bought a couple of things and then we departed the store in our half-drunken stupor. We got Domino’s pizza, made it back to campus, and then just relaxed in my room after grabbing a lot of things from the donation bin in my dorm building. Theresa quickly fell asleep and I decided to continue drinking, as I was basically sober at this point chugging as much of my Peach Ciroc vodka as I could muster.

Two hours later, I woke up Theresa and we set off to the last two bars: Johnny’s and Memories. These two bars are the closest to campus (like a ten minute walk) and are home to karaoke and $0.50 beer nights. Walking into Johnny’s, Theresa and I’s drink of choice was a ‘Swedish Fish.’ This drink is a really sweet blue concoction that I hands down loved, and what made it even better was when Theresa pulled out Swedish Fish candy from her purse to match the drink as a garnish. Finishing up at Johnny’s, we crossed the street to go to Memories. Being me, I got a gin and tonic, a rum and coke, and a whole pitcher of Bud Light, so RIP to my bank account at this point of the week.

Then as one does when they’re drunk and at a karaoke bar, they sign up to sing three karaoke songs. I had sung “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” from Mulan with Theresa, and then I also chosen my typical repertoire of selections: “Sk8ter Boi” by Avril Lavigne and “Dirty Little Secret” by The All-American Rejects. It was a really fun night closing off with a final performance of at least thirty drunk college students all getting up to belt Sweet Caroline at the top of our lungs.

Thursday was a little more relaxed as the main event was a Wine, Cheese, and Craft Beer night at our college President’s house. Yep. You read that correctly. Another thing that I love about my now alma mater (that felt weird to type and makes me sound significantly older than I actually am) is that I went to a college with a president was more than willing to open up his house to a bunch of college students and treat us all like family. It feels good always chatting with President Troha, as he now knows me more than just being the freshman who officially met him for the first time after I passed out in my CWS (College Writing Seminar) class.


It was a pretty chill night as I sat at a table and chatted with my friends Becca, Noelle, Daijné, Emily, and Makayla. We also all got an exclusive tour of President Troha’s house, which was huge (like I’m talking at least THREE times the size of my house and that’s just the basement alone).

There was tons of food from little tacos, to fruit, and of course there was a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. I mean after all, what kind of event would it be without a fountain of chocolate, am I right? Overall, It was a fun couple of hours and I didn’t get drunk at all, because there was a two-drink limit, so I maintained my composure at the event perfectly.

Returning back to my room, I was able to print out and glue all my pictures to my graduation cap so that it would be ready for tomorrow. Friday was a big day for all of us, as we had an early mandatory rehearsal for graduation in the IM gym at 10am followed by Baccalaureate later that day at 5pm. It was there that we separated into our lines by our degree titles and by last names, thus also meeting our line buddy who we get to sit by. After sorting us out and having us walk to our seats, we got the bad news that we were having graduation inside, but after a seemingly quick rehearsal we all got to leave after an hour of rehearsal. We all came back later in the gym, this time in our cap and gowns, for the Baccalaureate service, where we got to hear many speeches from students and faculty alike that talked about patience, commitment, leadership, and other various topics.

Overall, as I listened to these speeches I couldn’t help but wonder I how grateful I am to have been apart of a wonderful college, meet incredible people, and develop a strong enough tolerance to not die from these events and test my liver in ways that it hasn’t been tested before.

Until next post,

Lewis Boob


I’ve Been Working From ‘9 to 5’ (And Even Longer Than That) To Make And Showcase My Senior Capstone

Is it really a Senior Capstone if you didn’t name it after an ICONIC song written by Ms. Dolly Parton?

Coming to college, I learned that is a requirement for all theatre majors to develop their own Senior Capstone project- performing an original play, taking an existing play and redirecting sections from it, presenting a movie, giving a presentation on a paper they’ve written, and more.

Freshman year, I fondly remember sitting at lunch with my friend Julia just chatting about the Senior’s Capstone plays and saying what we were thinking of what we might do for ours when the time comes. We both said that we wanted to write Capstones that incorporated fairy tales, but make them more modern and edgier.

Flash forward three years… Yeah I didn’t do that folks. My journey to my Senior Capstone was faced with tears, stress, pride, support, a lot of self-evaluation, conflict, and hard work. This year’s Senior Capstone process was different than everyone else’s before us, as this year we had to take two classes to help prepare us for this showcase of our work and our post-graduation plans- Integrated Experience in the fall & Senior Capstone in the spring.

It was here that we meet for an hour a week with our professors to discuss and bring in a presentable, that we’d work on outside of class, that helped us with either our Capstone or our post-graduation plans. I couldn’t have been anymore grateful to them for the love, guidance, wisdom, support, and advice in both aspects. The overall goal of our Senior Capstone was to create something that we can use and take with us after we leave Juniata.


So… yeah. Modern day fairytales? Nope. Not doing that anymore. It is safe to say that I went into Capstones with the belief that this will totally be easy. After all, how hard can it be to write, cast, act in, and for me, co-direct a play? Um. It is kinda hard.

I’ve been acting for over seven years now, and it is safe to say that despite giving me an outlet to truly be myself there were many times along the way where I wanted to quit. There was times where I had felt like I wasn’t a “good” actor. I wasn’t being casted in shows. I was also even told before in my freshman year, by an older classmate, that I should maybe stop acting. I was devastated an heartbroken. I didn’t feel like I belonged, but I didn’t stop acting though.

I continued learning, growing, creating art, and learned so much about myself along the way. I even studied abroad and met so many incredible people who just made me feel loved, accepted, confident, and all of these things that I just felt like I lacked before. I also even learned along the way that acting isn’t my number #1 thing I want to do with my life anymore, but that’s okay.


So when creating this piece, my idea overtime had “changed” and “evolved” so many times and so many more times that I just felt unsure, scared, and lacked confidence in myself to create art. To write. To act on stage. I was letting myself turn into my biggest critic and I was just feeling defeated. I was originally planning on writing a verbatim theatre play, because this will allow me to combine theatre and journalism, but it just didn’t feel right to me. I’ve read articles and done research on verbatim playwrights. I  didn’t have any passion for it at all.

So…I started all over again. I just wrote from my heart what I was experiencing with these thoughts and feelings that just kept rushing through my head. “What if my major isn’t right for me?” “What would happen if I could do college all over again knowing what I know now?”

Writing a very therapeutic and emotional solo play two years ago, I didn’t want to do that again, but I’ve discovered that I had to let it be just that. Approaching the tentative deadline date for our rough drafts, I just wrote and wrote and didn’t stop until it was finally done, and that is how I created a full draft of my play “9 to 5.” This play is a comedic office drama, where a new employee starts his first professional post-graduate job at a media/journalism company that he thinks that he will love and seems perfect for him. He meets his boss Ms. Robinson after he has a mental breakdown in the office parking lot, and then makes friends with his fellow employees Liz and Brody. Along the course of the play, he realizes that the job isn’t so perfect after all, quitting it on his first day due to his toxic boss, discovering himself, who he is as a person, and what he wants in life.


I had went to work right away by casting it, scheduling rehearsals, and such. I was so ready to finally put it on it’s feet and see my words come to life. I had my friend Sarah “S’Wilt” by my side helping me so much with directing it, and I am still forever thankful to her for taking the time to help me ease my nerves, give me guidance, and for being an outside eye in my process, even helping me discover the characters I’ve written in a completely new light and perspective. We worked upstairs in the performance space and downstairs in our movement studio/lab room memorizing lines, blocking scenes, and talking through the script. “It all seemed like it was falling into place,” I thought to myself.

It didn’t seem like it would be a problem at the time, but I had quickly discovered that I had to recast my whole cast as nobody had the time to commit to taking on a role. I was taken aback. I was even more stressed out as I had less than three weeks until it was time to showcase my work, and even then I haven’t had a full run through where every actor could stay for the whole time in the space.

I sent countless emails, talked to my professor’s classes, and practically begged friends, but much to my effort I was stuck constantly looking for an additional person. I almost quit my idea, resorting to performing my solo play from two years ago, but luckily for me my friend Kaitlin, who was giving a presentation as well as stage managing our productions, my friend Tzipi who was also performing a musical theatre cabaret for her Capstone, and my friend Aiden all volunteered to help out. We all set off to work, quickly learning lines, blocking scenes, and doing everything possible to put the show on it’s feet. I was also dealing with, and still am sort of dealing with nerve pain in my Sciatic nervous muscle, so to say that this show has pushed me as an actor emotionally, mentally, and physically would be an understatement.

We had two nights to showcase our work, the latter of the two being our department’s contribution to our school’s Liberal Arts Symposium, where classes are cancelled for the day to showcase and see student research. It was rewarding to see so many people come out and support our department, hear positive feedback from my peers and professors, and I just couldn’t have been more grateful to end my Juniata acting career with a humorous and comedic office drama that means so much to me.